Last of the Bowery Scab Merchants
By Walter Moskowitz 
@2 Audio CD Set + 24 Page Color Booklet
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Walter, his father and his brother are a part of NYC tattoo history

This unique audio CD documentary was recorded in the last year of Walter's life (by his son) back in 2005-2006.  It is packed with tattoo history, humor, struggles and triumphs. Walter and his brother Stanley were taught to tattoo by their father Willy.  Willy learned the art from the legendary Charlie Wagner back in the late 1930's.  The material is intelligent and irreverent at the same time.  The stories are funny and melancholy.  The documentary is a great slice of history and specifically the tough history of mid 1900's tattooing.  The stories are uncensored so when Walter believes that a curse word is the most effective and descriptive term to use, we let him use it!  There is also some material that is more suitable for adults and pertains to adult situations.  Nonetheless, this is a 2 CD set that moves fast and covers a lot of ground.  If you are a beginning tattooer, the topics covered on this are required listening!  If you are well schooled in the rich history of tattooing, then hearing Walter's stories will cause you to smile and give you pride for being part of the continuation of this ageless art. 


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"I cannot stop listening"   

" I am  addicted"    R.B.

"Thank you for making this"

"Disc 2 is the most inspiring and influential thing I have heard as a tattooer in years"   N.F.

" I am not in the tattoo trade but I love listening to Walter..this  is more than just tattooing."      V.B.

"Pure gold. The whole shop is enjoying.. Even the customers are into it". 

"Fantastic is all I have to say... a great retrospective"    T. T.

An unforgettable tour of a vanished corner of New York.  Legendary tattoo artist Walter Moskowitz brings to life the rough-and-tumble Lower East Side and the fascinating role that tattoos played in post-WW II euphoria, Cold War anxiety and the rise of counter-culture.  Moskowitz reveals an often-overlooked world, both before and after tattooing was banned in New York City, and relates to the listener his personal struggle to convince local health departments that tattooing could be a safe, hygienic profession.

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